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Half Gallon Maple Syrup

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Half Gallon of Pure Maine Maple Syrup

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Additional Maple products are available upon request, seasonality, and your ability to customize gift baskets.

Please contact us for more info on placing your order for the following items.

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  Our popular Maple Coated nuts come in 16 oz large bags or 7 oz small bags.
  • Maple - Cinnamon Coated Walnuts & Pecans
  • Sweet & Spices Maple Coated Walnuts & Pecans
Pure Maple Suger
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Buttermilk Pancake & Waffle Mix
Maple Assortment Gift Baskets
Maple Lollipops
Custom Maple Gift Baskets
Maple Activity Books
Maple Fudge


When your prompted to during check-out please select your desired grade. Stick with your traditional preference or try a new one. If you having trouble deciding or you have any questions feel free to reach out to us.

Real maple syrup is Grade A (with four classifications):

  • Golden Color & Delicate Taste - Out of Stock: Made early in the season during colder temperatures. This syrup is very light in color and has a vary mild flavor. A favorite on ice cream or Waffles.

  • Amber Color & Rich Taste: Made in mid-season when the temperatures have begun to go up. It's slightly darker color, full-bodied and has rich maple flavor. Most table syrup is this grade. Great as a topping and in tea or coffee.

  • Dark Color & Robust Taste: Made after mid-season. This syrup is darker and has a more substantial flavor than the lighter grades. It is used in cooking (grilling, glazed or backed dishes) and is preferred as a table syrup by those who like a strong maple flavor.

  • Vary Dark & Strong Taste: made near the end of the season. It is dark and has the strongest maple flavor. It can be used for an ingredient for flavor and sweetening.

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